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You, Digital Marketing and your career | The future

Till today every internet user must have been exposed to some parts or all of the digital marketing content and if you are reading this you must be curious about what is coming next. For this post I am going to narrow it down to YOU, DIGITAL MARKETING AND YOUR CAREER.

Well for layman understanding, this will change that how we do business, socially interact with each other or even how we help each other.

You, Digital Marketing and you career

The Future of you, digital marketing and your career and what can you do about it?

Popular marketer, Mark Schaefer, projected that by year 2020 the amount of content will grow over 600%. So, does this ring a bell that what will be the internet in few years from now. The biggest of the firms that we know are putting in more effort in Digital Marketing than ever before. Now we are moving into an era where customer experience really matters and it is the driving force behind many successful businesses. Now consumers want an active interaction with your brand and it is job of marketers to track their buying behavior and cater their needs.

You, Digital Marketing and your career

Digital Marketing and you, the common man

Suppose you want to buy anything and its 2 A.M in the morning, you can’t go to any physical outlet to review products at that time.

What you will do is turn on your internet gadget and search for that product, while searching for that product you will also be exposed to few ads and it is likely that you may also review other product ads too aside from what you were initially looking for.

Some brands even offer agents assistance via chat option, you can even pursue them and inquire about the product. Now how did the internet change your life?

It just made the decision making more independent, easier and convenient for you. And when you will feel that you are being treated good by a particular brand, chances are that you will reward that brand via your purchase.

Marketing of the future | Digital Marketing

People tend to spend more time on the internet than on TV and Radio. It is a fact that most of the people at least view their Facebook wall before going to bed.

Use of radio has become limited as there are apps like soundcloud or Saavn etc. where you can listen to whatever you want rather being restricted to radio channel’s choice. So, in a gist many new opportunities and areas are evolving for digital marketers to tap in to reach out to people and generate business.

In the near future, digital marketers are expected to take control of complete customer experience. Digital marketers will be making or breaking the brand image and its repute. Because digital marketing does not only encompass eCommerce or websites but it also includes the social media platform like twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

And engaging with a vast number of audience require good amount of homework and this is where personalization comes to play where marketer has to cater to target market with the right message.

Now why is the world moving towards this? Is it more beneficial for all of us?

Answer is Yes, for example let’s say you want to reach and interact to a vast base of customers will you choose Digital Marketing or Cold calling?. How much is the chance that cold calls will reach to the desired number of audience?. but there is a good probability that if an interesting content is created it will be exposed to more number of audience.

People reach out to you more if you have a social presence rather than you are cold calling someone from nowhere.

You, Digital Marketing and your Career |How can you benefit from all this | Define your Career

For anyone who wants a change in their career and traditional jobs don’t work for them anymore and they love the technology and especially the concept of Marketing via Internet.

Yes, this is your very safe bet for coming couple for years. Because this is the future, future of interacting with your audience to sell your idea/concept.

Well if you believe you are doing great with your career and you know where the road will take you. Defining your career will not be something to look at but if you are curious and passionate about Digital Marketing I hope that this help you out.

As many businesses are moving from offline to online and now we live in the era where physical presence is not even necessary. Businesses have started investing on Digital Marketing today like never before and this is a very vast field, where digital branding and online social presence is a necessity in today’s digital world. How will you benefit, prepare ahead, let me show you how:

It is an in Demand Profession

By the coming few years we will be seeing an upsurge in the demand of Digital Marketing professionals and it will continue until the demand exceeds supply. Best opportunity for those who are expecting to change their career. Obviously, business would need people who would fill them up. So people who are gearing themselves up for the upcoming tide of new era will find themselves uniquely placed and will be ahead of others. In Pakistan, trend is not that common but it will be the world is moving towards this with a great pace.

Get choosy about your career and get paid more than others

As there are many fields in the digital marketing to choose from, like most commonly SEO or Social Media Marketing Executive, but these are only parts of the Digital Marketing Professional Career.

If you have learned much of the tactics of the digital marketing you can be choosy and pick the best one you like.

As discussed earlier there would be too much upsurge that demand will be increased than the supply then who are truly a digital marketing professional can take control of your salary income.

Get yourself started with digital marketing career

If you are even a little bit savvy of technology you can start your own career before even applying for the job let me show few examples that how is it possible:

For any traditional job, you have to do an internship or ask your contacts to help you out with getting you hired. But not here in the world of digital marketing, make a powerful social presence and create your own portfolio.

For example, Take Google’s exams to get showcase them in your CV.

Start a blog and get followers.

Any of this would help you highlight you to your potential employers.

There are and will be lot of opportunities its best to gain from them. In Pakistan, this is painful in saying that we do not get any digital marketing training in college or universities.

But there are many institutions available who provide you with proper training sessions. Anyone who is looking for a change can take this into consideration as in future there will be many opportunities.

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