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Website Caching: A Way to Faster Access

Web cache

Website caching is one of the most important technologies used by every web development company to make your website fast and reduce the bandwidth. It makes websites extremely fast which leads to better SEO scores and better user experience. Web caching means keeping data in storage to allow retrieval of data without requesting it from the original resources if the data will not be changing frequently.

In computer science, it reduces the delay of data traveling from the data storage system to the user. Websites are generally viewed hundreds, thousands and millions of time in every month. Each time, when a browser requests a web page then the server has to retrieve the data from the website. During that period, the server has to perform multiple complex calculations. The relative site retrieves the latest posts, images, find the sidebar widgets, generates header and footer etc. It stores the copies of the documents passing through it. Web caches hold the place between the web server and web browser where the resources have been copied in the form of HTML pages, images etc. when a client requests the resources, instead of forwarding requests to the web server the web cache will return it itself.

Website Caching: A Way to Faster Access

Is this really useful?

  • Resources take less time to reach the content because intermediate cache can serve the content. The reduced latency of the web page makes the website more responsive.
  • Caching reduces the bandwidth usage that leads to less network traffic. Several resources can be reused and they don’t require to fetch the fresh data from the server.

Level of web cache

  • Web browser cache: Every time you visit a new site your web browser stores the copies of the resources to the hard drive, the web browser cache is the first level cache that resides in your web browser. This cache is used when the user hit the back button.
  • Proxy cache: These are similar to the web browser cache. The feature that creates the difference is its quality of shared caches. It serves hundreds and thousands of clients instead of only one.
  • Gateway cache: These caches are similar to the intermediaries. It is usually managed by the webmaster to save the bandwidth that makes their websites more reliable.

Web caching is an important phenomenon of the web browser which increases the reliability and usability of web and professional web designers. The blog will be continued with the importance of web caching in WordPress.

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