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Some Most Wanted Google Apps Scripts You Must Learn

Google is the largest internet company in the world right now, technically it’s the Google’s parent company Alphabet, but Google is the main revenue generating company. They keep coming up with new innovations and products that are extremely useful. Some of them are products that you never knew you needed but once you get them, you can live without the, some examples would be Google Docs, Google Drive, etc.

app scriptSo what exactly are Google Scripts? In layman’s term Google scripts is programming access, based on JavaScript, to most Google products like Google Drive, Documents, Maps, Calendar, etc . If you’re looking for a slightly technical definition for Google App scripts: It is a JavaScript based cloud scripting language that enables you to perform or automate tasks or build web based applications across most of the Google products as well as 3rd party services.
Now there are so many Google App Scripts out there that you probably will be flabbergasted by the sheer amount of it. All of these online scripts are made by either users like you or me, and published, or made b professionals. But sometimes it gets a bit thought to sift through all of them to find something necessary or useful. So we have decided to help you out. Following is a list of the most wanted Google App scripts that you might find useful as well.

– Self destructing messages through Google Docs: Want to feel like a member of the IMF from the Mission Impossible movies? Or just want to send a confidential message to someone you want to but done want a record of I kept. This is indeed possible through Google Docs and some simple scripting.

What it essentially does is attach an “onOpen” trigger to the Google Sheet that is activated or “triggered” as soon as that particular sheet is opened. Then it just waits for how many seconds you want it to wait using “utilities.sleep” and then simply runs the “clear()” command to empty all the cells of the sheets. Simple but brilliant.

– Follow up email reminder (Gmail): Ever get stuck waiting for a reply to an important email and need to send the person a reminder? Do you constantly need to a reminder for such emails? Well look no further Jonathan Kim from Appcues has the solution for you.

All you have to do is head on over to his site and download the script, it is completely newbie proof and very easy to set up. Once set up, you will notice two new labels: “No response” and “ignore No Response” Emails you need to send a reminder to will be tagged with the “No Response” label. And the Emails you don’t need to send a reminder to will be tagged under “ignore No Response” label. So now, the script will scan through your emails and look for 5-14 days old emails that weren’t responded to by the other person, and give you a reminder that you need to send them a follow up email.
– Files Permissions Auditor: Are you the kind of person who has a lot of files and documents on your Google Drive and constantly share it with a lot of people at the same time, maybe in an office scenario? Then you definitely need Permissions Auditor for Google Drive. What this script does is simple scan all of your Drive files and export a detailed report about details such as, who has the access to your files and what kind of permissions do they have for these files. This script is the easiest way to manage and keep track of all your shared files so you can clean up the permissions every now and then. You can find the Google Drive Auditor add-on at the Google Web store.

– Email read receipt for Gmail: If you want to keep a track of when you emails are received and opened then look no further, you can do exactly that through Google analytics, and the best part, your email inbox won’t get cluttered with the receipt confirmations. The receipts are tracked through the email tracker web app, but the receipts and reports are sent back to your Standard reports events for Google analytics. You can head on over to Labnol.org and search for “track Gmail” and you will be provided detailed instructions on how to set this all up.

– Auto Favorite or Retweet bot for twitter: So let’s say you have a favorite hashtag or just want to favorite or retweet every tweet with a particular keyword, but can’t really keep a look out all the time right? Well then, Favorite Twitter Bot is your friend. Why would anyone want tot retweet senselessly? Well it’s a personal preference, some might use it for the simple purpose of spamming, but it can be useful in many other ways, like grow your Twitter account, or if you’re trying to spread a positive message, etc. You can get step by step guide to set up this script and get your very own bot by heading on over to Labnol.org and search for “write Twitter Bot”. Once done with the initial setup, you can add preferences like keywords or hashtags and set the time when the bot should run or set which accounts to add or not, if you opt for a premium version you can add up to 5 bots.

– Unsubscribe for Gmail: Getting a lot of spam lately? Form newsletters or other mailing lists? Well Google has already made it easy for you to just open the email and click the unsubscribe option. This option is only available for the web version of Gmail however.

So what if you get a lot of such emails regularly from multiple sources, it will get tiresome after a while to delete them al one by one. Head on over to ctrlq.org and look for the “Gmail unsubscribe” script, follow the instructions and Voila you’re good to go.

Do try to look at these scripts even if you don’t try them, they are a good source of learning how JavaScript and Google scripts work.

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