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Top Bob Haircut for Black Women

Haircuts leave a very influential image on people. It is somewhat more than mere a cutting of hairs, instead, it is a completely new world for people around, as it would either ruin or beautify your look. A haircut is like a frame to the face, it shapes out the face and balances the appearance of an individual which can be seen in a before and after picture. Most importantly every face suits a different hair cut like oblong face shape is not for a short cut while round face suits the short haircuts. There is a never ending list of haircuts, but the most emerging ones are the bob haircuts.

Top Bob Haircut for Black Women

History of bob haircuts

Bob haircuts have a long history though but it becomes trendy in the initial decades of 20th century and most probably after World War 2. In the initial time, it was considered as a sign of independence, usually working women wore such haircut and there was a very genuine reason behind this. They had bob haircuts, as they do not have time to dress up in a way which might be time-consuming for them. There were many sorts of hairstyles invented by trendsetters like castle bob was introduced by Irene Castle, a renowned dancer. As the years passes on, it becomes more advanced like in 1960, Vidal Sassoon makes it more stylish in a simpler cut and then it becomes common among males as well. In the 21st century, bob haircut becomes a center of attention among many Hollywood stars like Madonna, Rihanna, Britney Spears and the list goes on.

Short Haircuts for black women

Short haircuts for black women was not a good idea at the time when it was emerging, it was mostly adopted by the white Americans as it was a sign of freedom and independence which was not considered on the part of black Americans. Then a time came when it was the most preferred ones for black women. Some of the haircuts adopted by them were faded glory haircut, black phoenix, curly pixie haircut and bob haircuts. But the most common among them is a bob haircut which is adopted in different styles.

Types of Bob haircuts for black women

Everything gets advanced with the time so as the haircuts, there are many sorts of bob haircuts which African women adopts. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Chic Straight bob hair cut is the most suited one for oval shaped face individuals. In this type of haircut, hairs are trim in a vertical layer with a sharp curve under the blunt-cut ends. This is the latest hairstyle among African Americans.
  2. Choppy Curvey bob is popular among black women with round faces. Thick bangs in such hair cut give the round face a bit oval look. This is the classiest short haircut for black women.
  3. Sleek bob haircut is the one which is suitable for all face shapes. In 2012, Rihanna a popular singer was an inspiration for the African American women.
  4. Creamy Asymmetrical Bob is the trendiest bob haircut for black women. In such haircut, one end reaches the chin bone while the other touches the collar bones. This is spread all over the African continents.

Significance of Bob haircut

Usually, their hairs are thick, dense and curly. Bob haircuts are the one which could give a bloomy look to their somewhat messy curly hairs and this would also give a prominent look to their features. Moreover, the African continent has the hottest weather and bob haircut could save them from those burning sensations with a trendy look.

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