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Top 10 Positive Effects of Beer on Health

This is certainly what we found in some work caught on Google by typing “according to a study, the beer is good for …” Small selection of these academic papers that justify happy-hours:

Top 10 Positive Effects of Beer on Health

  1. Beer reduces risk of myocardial

This is Top Santé who says in his column, a study showed that a daily consumption of 400ml beer improves blood circulation and exchange of nutrients. And do not try to erode, it works less well with beer without alcohol (or coolers). The study also shows that it does not work with vodka, but that one would have suspected.

  1. Beer reduced diabetes

2 beers for men, one for women, it is recommended that a Spanish study to effectively fight against diabetes. Humulones the active principle of hops that give beer its bitter taste, have a preventive effect against diabetes.

  1. Beer strengthens bones

The magic formula that even your boss does not know bar: ethanol + silicon + phytoestrogens in a 50cl glass is the breakfast of champions. Spanish researchers still (still in good shots) that led this study on women by making them swallow a pint per day. The X-ray examinations have spoken: beer makes invincible.

  1. Beer is not fattening

A pint a day would be even slimmer. So obviously, the study makes it clear that it is necessary to combine these binouzes with exercise and a serious diet, but vitamin B9 found in our glasses pressure contribute to our daily needs without burdening the balance.

  1. Beer is also water as moisturizing after exertion

We are talking here of a paper presented at the Symposium “Beer and Health” held in Belgium in 2011, to give you an idea of the seriousness of the matter and the absence of lobbying. In any case, this is a Spanish (what is their problem?) Who found that, after a beer jogging, it is no problem in the process of rehydration? A beer at halftime, and we’re returning.

  1. Beer protects against colds

Another questionable study, since controlled by a Japanese brewer. Suddenly, the beer becomes the magic potion and contributes to exterminate the virus responsible for bronchitis and pneumonia. Clarification, for it to be effective, we must put a good thirty cans. Now, if you’re really determined not to nab a cold, you know what you have to do.

  1. Beer protects against kidney stones

The American Journal of Epidemiology is sure: the consumption of beer reduces by 40% the formation of these horribly painful stones in the kidneys. In any case, it works for the Finns, objects of this study. That said, Dr. Tero Hirvonen agrees, it is mainly because there is water in beer make it work. So any drink that piss fact, it should work.

  1. Beer improves memory

And helps prevent against Alzheimer’s. This is essentially one of the conclusions of a study by the University of Auckland. If you drink to forget, you’re wrong: alcohol can trigger painful memories and make you drink more. In the end, you just forgot where you left your car, you will have won …

  1. Beer makes you smarter

It is not seen in the first look, but according to a study by the University of Chicago, men are smarter after drinking a few beers. Think about that the next time you land in a bar of drunks on a Friday night, all those guys leaning over the counters are potential Nobel Prize.

  1. Beer makes you happy

There are not only the health of your body that counts, there is also mental health. And if you’ve observed people soaked hops that looked particularly “happy” or “happy to the point of not knowing where they live,” know that a U.S. study focused on the subject. And we learn that the taste of beer triggers the release of dopamine and a test on samples of guinea pigs, half turning to beer and the other Gatorade, shows very clearly that beer drinkers are happier. And wanting more. Which is a problem?

So these are the Top 10 Positive Effects of Beer on Health.

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