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Top 10 Biggest Malls in the World

  1. New South China Mall – China

Commercial area: 659,612 m²

The largest mall in the world is Chinese, what a surprise. In countries where it would take almost a colander to breathe, we like to build it big, very big. Too even. 2350 on open spaces in the center, 99% were vacant in 2011, five years after opening. In 2013, things were a little better and “only” 36% of potential stores were free. How do you say “flop” in Chinese?

New South China Mall Pictures

  1. Golden Resources Mall – China

Commercial area: 557,419 m²

A 6-storey shopping center, just that. Until the arrival of the New South China Mall, it was the largest mall ever built in the world. And inside, of course, we find everything and anything above. More than 1,000 stores, a restaurant the size of two football fields, an ice rink, more than 200 escalators. Wikipedia is formal, it would take 2 days to explore everything. 2 days to find a jumper, that’s a lot.

Golden Resources Mall Pictures

  1. SM City North EDSA – Philippines

Commercial area: 482,878 m²

Operational since 1985, it is the oldest shopping center in the list. And again, the excess is invited. 4 main buildings, 1,100 stores, a hypermarket that has probably nothing to do with the greatest of French Carrefour, a Food Court, a theater and concerts of 1200 seats, a complex of 11 cinemas, theaters in IMAX , 8000 parking spaces and most importantly, a valet service on 3 strategic locations. From there …

SM City North EDSA Pictures

  1. 1 Utama – Malaysia

Commercial area: 465,000 m²

With 700 shops, a far cry from 1100, SM City North, you would think that is a vulgar 1Utama mall Auchan. Nay, it is indeed the fourth largest mall in the world. Frame 95, the empire of Malaysian shopping has some pretty strange peculiarities as to hosting a rain forest in the middle of shops, yes. In case you’re wondering, yes, there is also a pond filled with koi carp. A relaxation among the dozen that the center offers. Malaysians are crazy.

1 Utama Pictures

  1. Persian Gulf Complex – Iran

Commercial area: 450,000 m²

Iran also known to trade. And again, it is in the general delirium. 450,000 m², 2,500 shops, is the largest number of brands ever seen in a Mall. It will not surprise you if we told you that you can find two amusement parks, tennis courts and a heliport. In case of congestion, surely. Ah, there is also a Carrefour. In Iran, we will stop at nothing.

Persian Gulf Complex Pictures

  1. Central World – Thailand

Commercial area: 429,500 m²

In Asia, ideas compete to we spend our dollars calmly. Here, no amusement park or tennis courts. According to Emporis , Thais have seen bigger, implementing a salt lake with sea lions Why? Regardless, sea lions, whatever. Obviously, in a place like this, it was also thought to build two sanctuaries. After all, why not?

Central World Pictures

  1. Isfahan City Center – Iran

Commercial area: 425,000 m²

Back to more traditional things in Iran in the 7th largest mall in the world. Let’s get right to the point, you will not find any dolphins there and even fewer polar bears in captivity. Just shops, 5 star hotels, cinema complexes disproportionate and stores out of sight. There are more than 750, anyway. In fact, if you read carefully the description of the premises, it is halfway between the shopping center and La Defense.

Isfahan City Center Pictures

  1. Mid Valley Megamall – Malaysia

Commercial area: 420,000 m²

Clearly, we do not talk enough about Malaysia in our newspapers. While we imagine the Chinese and even Japanese dominate Asia without sharing it comes to evoke the second Malaysian mall. And once again, the dishes were placed in the major. 430 shops, a business park way “Alice in Wonderland” for children, gardens and … Carrefour. Everything is there. Although it lacks sea lions, admittedly.

Mid Valley Megamall Pictures

  1. Cevahir Mall – Turkey

Commercial area: 420,000 m²

The first European shopping center is Turkish. Located in Istanbul Cevahir Mall is home to everything and anything on six floors. 34 fast food restaurants, 340 shops, 12 cinemas, a private theater, entertainment centers and of course, a room with a roller coaster. Yes, you read right, a roller coaster. Another detail, the glass roof has the second biggest clock in the world. Anything.

Cevahir Mall Pictures

  1. Sunway Pyramid – Malaysia

Commercial area: 396,000 m²

Three Malaysians in the Top 10, boom. By cons, it does not allow all the crap. Already, the guys are mistaken for Egyptians, sticking a huge pyramid with a lion at the entrance mall. Then there are hieroglyphs and Pharaonic statues around every corner shop. We are willing. But what is the relationship with Malaysia? As if the Japanese built a huge shopping center with Eiffel Tower at the entrance.

Sunway Pyramid Pictures

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