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Top 10 Apple Products That you have (probably) Never Heard of

The first Macintosh came out there stack 30 years, calling a series of revolutionary products. But between two three revolutions, “genius” also known some beautiful chess that have not always had the prototype stage, or have sold very very confidential. That’s what we avoided…

  1. The Powerbop (1995)

The Powerbop 1995

When the Bi-Bop network grew in France, Apple (who had the nose at the time) did not hesitate to make a range of computers with a modem can connect to the terminals Bi-Bop. Bi-Bop technology, which required users to be within 300 meters of a terminal, is planted well as it should, Apple Computer was followed shortly after. Only a few copies were sold … At the same time, the name really computer name of Jean Christian Ranu of COGIP.

  1. The Penlite (1993)

The Penlite 1993

The Penlite is a little ancestor of the iPad. Only notable differences: the stylus and the fact that in 1993, a touch computer without internet is generally no shit. The machine itself was not a dung, it just looked like too much to a project called the Apple Newton. Suddenly she remained at the prototype stage.

  1. The Big Mac (1985)

The Big Mac 1985

Yeah, the Big Mac, they were not to shit on the name at the time. This “beast” planned to accommodate a screen 17 to 19 inches, a resolution of 1280×800 and brace yourself – two diskettes ports! These “feats” technology could not be made without some drawbacks. The most striking example? The inability to use two buttons simultaneously … (Oh yeah anyway). Given the magnitude of the difficulties encountered, engineers chose to close the file.

  1. VideoPad (1995)

VideoPad 1995

In 1995, during a show, Apple presents its new jewel: a mobile phone, dual screen, allowing streaming videos and make video conferencing nickname, all equipped with a CD-ROM. People do not really understand the usefulness of such an object a bit ambitious for the time. In the end the project was quickly buried. Too bad, it was still cool air.

  1. iPlay (2005)

iPlay 2005

After ordis, phones and tablets, why not get into the consoles huh? Microsoft has done well after all. In 2005 the brand has apparently launched in this large-scale project aimed at revolutionizing the industry. By nervousness or fear of appearing stupid, Apple managers have preferred to bury the project. Before the conquest in the years to come?

(Name and visual project are pure inventions)

  1. TV Macintosh (1995)

Watch TV on your computer? Wouaouh! This is what was said Mac in 1993 with this “revolutionary” computer model. Black computer (to get away from Mac and closer to mind TV) looks like a good cathodic big at the time. Basically: it’s ugly. What has cast yet, it is impossible to combine the two techniques? Indeed it was impossible to watch TV Bossant, it was imperative to choose one of two functions. Add it to a Motorola microprocessor exceeded the time and get a larger furnaces in the history of the Apple brand.

  1. Knowledge Navigator (1987)

The “Knowledge Navigator” as our friends in Quebec would have called, was a true revolution. The combination of a computer now with an artificial intelligence software Siri. Today this technology appear as advanced as you say then that in 1987 nobody believed. Here is a video presentation totally surreal when you see a man ask his computer: its agenda item, information on deforestation, and other molt totally crazy things.

  1. WALT (1990-1993)

WALT 1990-1993

The ancestor of the iPhone is a phone (huge even for the time) that could turn into touch Address Book, which also allowed to fax. The idea of lugging a huge gadget for the sole purpose of possibly receiving a fax in the street does not really wowed the audience and WALT has not passed the prototype stage. A copy was recently sold on eBay, it went very quickly because its rarity makes it a very sought after by collectors piece.

  1. Pippin (1995-1997)

Pippin 1995-1997

This little piece of technology is the result of a collaboration between Bandai and Apple. Apple came out, Bandai a little less. She did not really marked the history of consoles yet his concept was something seduce combine the graphics capabilities of a PC in a home console while allowing users to have the functionality of a normal computer (go on the internet for example). But a good machine without good games, it’s like a Topito without Preum’s, it does not work. In the end, only 45,000 copies sold and a premature end life in 1997.

  1. Quicktake 200 (1993)

quicktake 200 1993

The first consumer digital ladies and gentlemen. Just … At the time this little “beast” could hold up to 8 photos in VGA (crazy!) Format. A niche that Apple should have followed, they would probably still more heavily armored as they are today.

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