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Google’s Chromebook: Changing the Shape of Business Cloud Computing

Google dived into the vast seas of hardware, software, and operating system provision with the new Google Chromebook. The Chromebook is a netbook which houses the Chrome operating system and runs on the basic cloud computing technology. It is a great package for anyone who wants a laptop with its hardware, software, and operating system dedicated to cloud computing and easy web access. A similar package is available for businesses: Chromebook for Business. This package provides companies with laptops per user based on monthly or yearly payments, and the Chromebooks store all user data in secure cloud storage.

Google’s Chromebook: Changing the Shape of Business Cloud Computing

Initially, the response to Google’s cloud based venture was not as large as expected. Some reviews regarding the functionality of the Chromebooks have also been disappointing. But slowly and gradually the Chromebook’s popularity is picking up pace, especially after Google Chrome operating system was associated with names like Acer Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook – these companies have been manufacturing top class Chromebooks for Google, along with other popular names like Toshiba.

No softwares or applications are meant to be installed on the Chromebook laptops, and this is why Google has teamed up with Citrix to provide business Chromebook users with cloud services and business applications. This online hosting of applications and softwares makes things a lot easier for businesses because it eliminates the hassle of bulky program files being stored on every laptop. All data is stored on cloud storage, which is extremely safe. Moreover, the lack of bulky files makes the laptops run faster and more efficiently.

Google’s Chromebook: Changing the Shape of Business Cloud Computing

Google’s Chromebooks are becoming a top option for businesses because they are a cheap and easy way of providing the company’s employees with laptops that are fully configured and loaded with high end applications and software. Moreover, the employees have access to secure virtual servers which pose no threat to the integrity and safety of the company’s online information system. There is little or no chance of cyber-crimes when there are such secure systems.

If companies can be convinced of the secure functionalities of the cloud, then the Chromebook could easy outdo Windows computers because the latter does not support cloud computing. Google is offering turnkey solutions for businesses and the time is not far when all data will be manipulated on cloud and businesses will feel comfortable migrating to Chromebook technology.

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