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Google Chrome Operating System

The competition between Google and Microsoft picked up pace when Google announced its new operating system which is to compete with the latter’s Windows operating system. The Google Chrome operating system is Google’s newest venture – it is an all new concept when it comes to operating systems, as it has cloud computing at its core. The operating system is exclusively housed in specialized notebooks which are called Chromebooks.

Google Chrome Operating System

On 7th of July Google unveiled its plans to develop the new operating system and openly declared the competition with Microsoft. Google has announced that it has sincere intentions of entering the operating systems’ market and join the race between already existing market giants like Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems like Ubuntu.


Google Chrome is a derivative of the Linux operating system, and it will be free for use. The OS was initially launched only as a part of the Chromebook notebooks. A number of manufacturers will be joining hands with Google to create some of the best Chrome centered notebooks; these include Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, and Texas Instruments. Some of these notebooks, like the Toshiba Chromebook and the Samsung Chromebook, have become more popular among users than others.

Google Chrome Operating System


The Google Chrome operating system has a graphical user interface that seems more or less like the Google Chrome browser – that should make acquaintance problems easier for new users. Moreover, the Google Chrome OS has internet as its major priority i.e. to use the Chromebook properly the user will need an internet connection at all times. The Chromebooks are already manufactured with integrated internet technology like Wi-Fi and 3G internet. The Google Chrome OS is directed towards giving the user a sleek and smooth web browsing experience.

The Chromebooks are fast running laptops because of the Chrome OS – this is because Chrome OS is a thin web client and the Chromebooks store little or no data on the laptop. All applications, software, and other user data are stored on the cloud storage. Every Chromebook user, with their own Google account, will have access to a large free storage on the cloud. This cloud is safe and keeps all data protected.

There is little risk of malware attack or viruses as well, because all applications and programs are run separately – this is called sandboxing. Moreover, there is no risk of downloading foul files because all applications are updated automatically via the Google store and all software is also updated automatically.

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