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Eight Chromebook Tricks You Need to Know

The Chrome operating system can be a tricky thing for users who have not worked with ‘online’ operating systems before. Being new to the technology of the Google Chromebook might make you miss out on some amazing uses of the system. You might not be able to grasp the full functionality of the Chromebook at first usage, but we can help you with some tips and tricks that will improve your Chromebook experience by a far mile.

Eight Chromebook Tricks You Need to Know

Here are eight Chromebook tricks that every user must know:

  1. Control Logins

You can control who logs in to your Chromebook and who does not. Although everyone can log in and use your Chromebook, not everyone can log in and access your data. Once you sign in with your Google account for the first time, you become the ‘owner’ of the Chromebook, and you can choose who accesses your data and who doesn’t. You can enable or disable guest browsing in the settings and you can also restrict certain users from logging in.

  1. Access Other Operating System Desktops

You can access remote Mac OS, Linux, and Windows desktops from your Chromebook device. This means you can use some functionality of these operating systems on your Chrome OS laptop. You can perform this task you need to install the Chrome remote desktop app on your Chromebook and then enable remote connections.

Eight Chromebook Tricks You Need to Know

  1. Use Google Cloud Print

You cannot simply plug in printers and print anything using your Chromebook. Instead, you need to set up Google Cloud Print to help you in printing from your laptop. You can use Google Cloud Print in two ways: you can get a printer that is already Google Cloud Print ready, or you can install Google Chrome in another computer that is connected to a traditional printing device.

  1. Wipe Personal Data Using Powerwash

Like the factory reset option available in many devices, you can use the Powerwash option on your Chromebook to wipe off all personal data from the laptop. This will clean off all the files and data off your Chromebook and not leave any personal information behind. This is practically useful when you have to give your Chromebook to somebody else or sell it off.

  1. Create Your Own Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use the Shortcut Manager extension to create your very own desktop shortcuts on the Google Chrome OS. You can create shortcuts to help you in browser actions as well as for running Java-script functions.

  1. Use the Local File Viewer

Apart from being just a web browser that only works online, the Chromebook is capable of performing some functions offline as well. There is a file viewer in your Chromebook that lets you view files stored on your laptop even when you are offline. This means you can play multimedia files and read PDF documents whenever and wherever you want.

Eight Chromebook Tricks You Need to Know

  1. Use a USB Drive to Recover Chrome

Although the Chrome operating system is extremely secure, you can manage to damage the operating system of your Chromebook if you are messing around in the developer mode. In such a case, you can use a USB drive to recover your Chrome OS. For doing this you will have to create a recovery drive, which can be done by downloading and running the Chrome Recovery Tool for Linux, Mac, or Windows.

  1. Run Linux Desktop Using Developer Mode

Last but not the least, you can use your Chromebook to run Linux desktop by toggling some settings in the developer mode. For this you will have to disable some security settings and that might also expose your OS to some possible damage. You can also use the developer mode to boot other operating systems like the Ubuntu on your Chromebook.

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