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Are Chromebooks the New Netbooks, And What Does That Mean?

Netbooks were once the hero of the laptop market – they were sluggish, slow machines that could carry limited amounts of data and cost a lot. Yet users opted for netbooks because they had no other option. However, the time of the netbook is slowly fading, and the lackluster machines are now being replaced by a fast, high tech machine that can easily be called the future of laptops – the Chromebook.

The new Chromebooks by Google are an experience on their own, and they can be very impressive in performance as well as cost. They are super cheap and are quickly replacing the traditional laptops in many domains. So the question is: can (or have they already?) chromebooks replace the traditional netbooks? Let us analyze the problem.

Are Chromebooks the New Netbooks, And What Does That Mean?

  1. The Problems with Netbooks

Before lightweight notebooks and tablets were introduced in the market, netbooks seemed impressive and essential. Costing at around $ 200, these netbooks were basically portable laptops that allowed you to get on the World Wide Web. The operating systems run by netbooks, like Windows XP or the discontinued Windows Vista, were heavy and slow. Their keyboards seemed cramped and crowded, and there were all kinds of features installed on them like slow hard drives and DVD drives to overcome the comparatively poor performance.

The main idea of a small notebook that would let users hop on to the internet was good, but the overall experience was nothing extraordinary or mind blowing.

  1. Chromebook Sales Statistics

According to a report by NPD, Chromebooks comprised of a whopping 21 per cent of all notebooks sold in the United States in 2013. According to another statistic, 2/3 as many Chromebooks were sold as iPads in the United States – this shows the comparative advantage of Chromebooks when examined with tablet PCs and other traditional laptops.

Are Chromebooks the New Netbooks, And What Does That Mean?

Another positive about Chromebooks is that it has become a big thing in the educational sector. Schools are now buying the cheaper and more efficient Chromebooks rather than buying the more expensive Windows laptops. This means that there is a great market for the Chromebooks and it is indeed a great boom of sale.

  1. Usage Statistics

Sadly, the usage of the Chrome operating system is not even good enough to be compared to the other operating systems – yet. The Chrome operating system by Google was initially mocked by techies around the world, and even today it has only been able to be a part of the ‘others’ category when any operating systems statistics are revealed. Windows continues to be the leader in operating systems.

  1. Chromebook VS Netbook – the Showdown

When compared to traditional netbooks, the Chromebooks do have certain limitations. The Chromebook is capable of performing many functions, but all these functions must be done with the Chrome apps or the Chrome browser, along with internet connectivity. Powerful desktops like the ones on Windows or Mac operating systems are not a part of Chromebooks.

However, Chromebooks are cheaper and lightweight, and they run very smoothly. They also don’t come with any kind of bloatware that you usually see on netbooks. Chromebooks are basically a refined version of the netbook, which means that they are really what netbooks ought to be.

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