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8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks | How to Get Quality Backlinks

Quality is necessary for creating backlinks. If you have most of the backlinks but are not of good quality, Google will penalize your ranking so that’s why we are sharing 8 ways to get quality backlinks. To make your marketing efforts pay off, you have to produce a quality backlink network to drive relevant traffic to your site.

8 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks for your website

8 ways to get quality backlinks


  • Use Articles Directory Website:

Submitting articles containing relevant content to article directory sites and including backlinks to your site. Search engines them because it is connected to both the sites. Articles must be relevant. Less but quality articles will be preferable than more poor articles.

  • Submit your website to a links directory that will establish one-way links to your webpage:

Starting with the free links directory pages and then manually submitting your webpage to correct category. Automatic submission is not preferable than gradual and careful submissions.

  • Using keywords in the link itself will help:

Insert links in the text of the article. This help searches engines to realize that the backlinks are quality.

  • Establishing your webpage on HubPages:

It helps in two ways, firstly it includes links back to your webpage and secondly, you can earn some money by revenue sharing program of it.

  • Creating a free blog on Blogger or Blogspot:

These are the sites owned by Google and Google keep on scanning them time after time for quality content. Share as many posts as you can with a backlink to your site. Relevant posts will help maximum.

  • Blog Commenting:

Posting your backlink on those blog’s which allow comments etc will also be useful. This is easy way to get high quality backlinks

  • Forum Posting

By setting up your own forum on the different websites which let people create a forum for free and then on that forum you can create a topic and give backlinks and keywords.

  • Social Sharing

Making pages on the different social network sites like Facebook and Myspace etc will help to get a backlink and make sure you post the relevant material relating your website.

So, these are the best ways to get quality backlinks which i mentioned above. Finally, no matter which of the strategies you use, establish your backlinks over time. If you suddenly have 100 new backlinks all in 24 hours, the search engines will notice and may either disregard them or consider them as less important when ranking your site.

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