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5 Solid Reasons to Buy a Google Chromebook

If you are a fan of ‘all things Google’ and enjoy the apps and software by Google, then the new Google Chromebook is the laptop for you. Users who demand a smooth web browsing experience, without any issues with internet connectivity (do not want offline laptop experience) and who want to access variety of apps from Google Play Store will enjoy the Chromebooks by Google. New machines in the market like the Samsung Chromebook are taking the world of technology by storm, as they are a great option for businesses and schools alike. However, if the aforementioned introduction is not satisfactory enough for you, and the questions like, “Why should I buy a Chromebook” and “What is Chromebook for”? are still striking you then read on to find out 5 solid reasons to buy a Google Chromebook.

5 Solid Reasons to Buy a Google Chromebook

5 Solid Reasons to Buy a Google Chromebook

  1. A Portable Netbook

The smart, sleek, and lightweight Chromebook is a great option for people who like to go around with their laptops in their bags. Most Chromebooks like the Acer Chromebook and Samsung Chromebook have been popular solely for their portability. This is one of the best features of Chromebook which makes it popular option for students and business personnel who need to carry their netbooks around.

  1. Web Connectivity

Being a netbook, the Chromebook is to be connected with the internet at all times. This 24/7 web connectivity keeps you connected to your friends and family at all times as you can stay signed in to social networking websites and applications like Skype. The technology embedded in Chromebooks will support this running of internet at all times.

  1. Security Features

The Chromebook security features are reliable than any traditional laptops. There are many reasons for this – firstly, there is little or no personal data being stored on the netbook itself and that is the main difference between a Chromebook and a laptop. The Chromebooks are not designed to store data or files on the machine. All crucial data is stored on the cloud storage, which is safer and far more convenient to use. There is no risk of losing data on a Chromebook. Moreover, the sand-boxing feature of Chromebooks keeps it safe from malware and infected files. The verified boot feature also checks all the files contained on the Chromebook at every startup.

  1. Easy to Use

Since everyone owning a computer or a laptop is acquainted with the Chrome browser, and most of the graphical user interface is the Chrome browser. This adds on to Chromebook functionality and usability. The Google netbook starts up rather quickly and does not take any time in loading programs. The operating system’s interface is simple and sleek, thus making it easy for all categories of users.

5 Solid Reasons to Buy a Google Chromebook

  1. It Is Powered by Google

You can always trust Google with things – since it is a name that has never let us down, we cannot expect the Chromebook to be bad. Google has always outdone itself with everything ranging from browsers to search engines to social media apps. Users will have their own Google logins (or they can use their existing Google user logins) to use the Chromebooks. This makes the Chromebook experience so personalized that everyone will enjoy using it.

The decision to have a Chromebook must have become easier after reading above mentioned 5 solid reasons to buy a Google Chromebook.



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