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Top 29 Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Enormously!

Tips To Increase Blog Traffic Tremendously!The success of any Blog depends on many factors. One important factor without which a blog cannot succeed depends on many factors. One important factor without which a blog cannot succeed is its traffic. Follow the Tips to Increase Blog Traffic. It’s very important for a blog owner to identify the importance of building a considerable traffic flow towards the blog and then maintaining it because it is the blog traffic that decides the outcome of your blogging. I have seen that most newbies find their blog lacking direction. The reason for this is insignificant task management, bloggers like to spend half of their time in searching for the relevant content and then 20% of their time in manipulating and the rest on making the blog layout good without noticing that traffic is a major part of the blogging and this must not be overlooked.

In order to enhance the earnings from your blog, you need to follow the examples that pro bloggers have left for you. Here are the Tips to Increase Blog Traffic.

1. Pick Your Objectives

Before you start thinking of setting up a blog, focus on why you are starting it? What would you like to achieve and most importantly in how much time? Set up a time limit for months or years. Then write down the objectives and work on researching a way to achieve those objectives.

2. Publish Quality Content

It takes 3 seconds for a reader to decide if they really want to read your post. The quality of content is determined from the structure, grammar, vocabulary and the message you are trying to deliver in your blog. Quality content always gets the attention of readers and you want to ensure that you are writing what readers want to read.

3. SEO: Optimize your Blog for Search Engines

Majority of bloggers find it hard to get their content optimized within search engines. SEO friendly blogs are ranked by Google and writing an SEO friendly blog is your key to boost traffic.

4. Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is not only a way to boost traffic but also connects you to the bloggers with different niches. You get to find the magic of guest posting with the blogs that have the huge number of traffic.

5. “Top 10” Posts

Every blogger knows what’s their best piece of writing among all. This can also be known after scaling the traffic on your blog and find the stats. Showcase top 10 of your posts on the front page of your blog, this will be accessed by the readers when they visit your blog and shows your quality in the content.

6. “Top 50” Posts

If you have loads of content, do not keep it with you. Spread it in different posts and create a number of articles to upload them on your blog. More articles mean a substantial increase in your blog traffic.

7. Share your Secrets- Earn More Secrets

Giving is not actually a giving but it is considered a gesture of getting rewarded. When you talk about strategy and tricks that actually work for you then the readers will pay attention to your blog and your traffic will be increased.

8. Create Your Mailing Lis

If the content is the King in blogging then the list is the hand of the King. When you build a list and keep them informed with your recent posts is the key factor to maintain your readers and make them stay. This is very important tip amongst the other Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

9. Use Social Media

Social media can not be ignored in this regard. Social sharing is tool that will benefit your blog and boost the traffic tremendously

Loving what you do is also the important element to keep yourself interested in your blogging. Tips to Increase Blog Traffic will help you in this.

10. Technorati

Submit your blog to Technorati. Write tutorials and become authentic. Writing tutorials for a tutorial site is again another great idea for generating traffic to your blog.

11. Create a Bloggers’ Club

Creating groups on Facebook, Google, and communities over other social media platform will help you connect with other bloggers and learners who will share your content with others.

12. Ping Your Blog

A ping is a XML-RPC-based push mechanism by which a weblog notifies a server that its content has been updated.com. Always remember to ping your blog and this will help the Google Crawler to keep track of your blog and update it in the SERP so you get more traffic instantly.

13.  Com

Use blog carnivals to get traffic for your blog.

14. Your Site- Your Identity

Using a signature in your emails and writing will stress on you being professional and leaving an impact on the reader. They will remember you and come to your blog to find new content.

15. Advertise with Google Adwords

You can use Adwords if you can manage a good budget, This is going to boost the traffic on your blog and it is recommended to use Google Adwords.

Follow these Tips to Increase Blog Traffic consistently to make your blogging stand out.

16. Feed Directories

Submit your blog to the Feed Directories. They will also help in bringing traffic.

17. Write on Social Media

No matter what your blog niche may be, always write on social media. This will bring more traffic towards your blog

18. Do Video Posting

Entertain your readers by sharing videos inside your posts as reading long articles sometimes becomes too boring.

19. Use Images Wisely

Images that you use inside your blog posts and pages are equally important as the words that you write. So also choose them wisely. Visual content gets more attention as readers sometimes don’t give much importance to the written content.

20. Use Google News

You can your blog listed in Google News. Google has a number of readers that could get diverted to your blog and increase your following.

21. Add Social Media Buttons

One of the best ways to attract traffic to your blog is by adding the social sharing buttons. Through this, hundreds of people will come to read your blog and if they like it, they will probably share your posts.

22. Blog Directories

Blog Directories also do wonders for newly developing blogs and assist in directing a huge amount of traffic to them. But remember to choose wisely between them.

23. Use Article Directories

A lot of people also get to know about your blog when you submit your posts to Article Directories. This helps in ranking as well when Google ranks your website after seeing a number of backlinks.

24. Try to Write on Controversial Topics

Writing on social issues and giving your point of view will help you boost the traffic on your blog. Blog commenting option is also a tool that will lead to more involvement of readers on your blog. You can use the Tips to Increase Blog Traffic to become a successful blogger in your niche.

Authority in content must adhere in order to look professional.

25. Act like a Journalist

Writing on the occurrence or happening around you or in the world will result in your blog being an authority website.

26. Use Yahoo Answers:

For your blogging career, it is very important to be proactive and reactive. If you have proven to your readers that you are reliable, your traffic won’t go anywhere and you will then enjoy traffic permanently.

27. Use Stumbleupon

Don’t ever forget to post your popular articles to Stumbleupon. It has a number of readers that can give attention to your site.

28. Blogger Feedbacks on Questions

Search and then compile the various queries frequently asked by bloggers and then try to write all of them up in one post. That particular post would serve as an added bonus for your readers and would also increase traffic. You need to show that you care for your readers.

29. Consistency

To make a successful blog, it requires hard work and consistency. It’s not just a matter of a day or a week. In fact, you actually need to work harder and harder each day to build a strong readership and a successful living out of your blog.In

Learning can never stop so try to learn by practicing and implementing rather becoming perfect.


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