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10 Best Beauty Tips Forever

Step 1.  Wear lip balm – Most people suffer from dry lips. Even for those who do not, to make lipstick color prominent, dab lip balm and wait for 10 minutes before application of lipstick or gloss. This makes the lip surface appear smooth and even.

Step 2.  No need for the tinted moisturizer – Mix a small quantity of foundation in your skin cream and apply to get the same effect as a tinted moisturizer. In fact, this mixture produces better results and also saves you from investing in another skin product.

Step 3.  Use sunscreen – Always apply sunscreen on the neck and hands while you are applying on the face. It is these areas that show aging fastest so ignoring them will lead to premature loss of youthful glow that is snatched away by the UV rays of the sun.

10 Best Beauty Tips Forever

Step 4.  Remember the bottle of water spray – Dehydration is one of the chief problems the skin faces. Spray mists of different brands are available in the market. Just dab quickly on the skin surface especially when you are traveling. Get fresh and glowing skin in an instant!

Step 5.  Use coconut oil – Application of coconut oil on the skin is beneficial to combat premature aging. The antioxidant properties of the oil make the skin glowing without leaving it too oily. Massage the scalp with coconut oil to regulate blood circulation so as to supply nutrients to hair follicles. The result is strong and shiny hair.

Step 6.  Wash hair with vinegar – Keeping the tresses clean is important to avoid the growth of dandruff and fungal infections. Use a hair rinse that is enriched with apple cider vinegar. Vinegar not only cleans and hydrates hair – it also nullifies the toxic effect of shampoos.

Step 7.  Pamper your feet – The feet are perhaps the most overstressed part of the body. Do not ignore to take care of them. Massage your feet with oil or soak them in shampoo mixed in lukewarm water for 15 minutes after walking for too long.

Step 8.  Blush is necessary – Try applying a gel or cream based blush while applying makeup. It will only take a minute but will leave you with a vibrant glow and healthy flush.

Step 9.  Pay attention to hands – Too much work can leave your hands looking dry and lifeless. Solve this problem by rubbing lemon peel. The acidic juice of a lemon may sting the dried skin, but results will be seen immediately upon application!

Step 10.  Step Protect your nails – Include cheese, onion, garlic and a variety of nuts like groundnut & walnut in your daily diet if you want strong good looking nails. These foods also help you to get strong shiny hair.

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